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In our first meeting we will talk about your problems, your expectations and wishes, and the possibilities of individual therapy. We talk about frequency, duration and conditions. Afterwards, you decide whether you feel comfortable, whether you think you can trust me, and whether I am the right person for you. 

If you would like to have the treatment covered by your health insurance, you will need a 'psychotherapy order' from your doctor, which you will need to bring with your health insurance card to the first session. It is also possible to pay the fee yourself. 


Relationships in couples are highly bounding-oriented: partners look for a secure emotional connection in the relationship. Conflict in couples can be understood as interruptions in the Bonding relationship. EFT, the Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples, seeks to re-establish the bond between the partners. Couples therapy is never about finding someone to blame, it's about uncovering the negative dynamics that are preventing you from feeling safe and secure with your partner. EFT is currently the most effective couples therapy in the world. 


You can get a "psychological therapy order" from your doctor so that the sessions are covered by your health insurance. Please bring this along with your insurance card to the first session. It is also possible to pay for the sessions yourself.  


There is no difference between trauma therapy and psychotherapy, but it may become possible if you feel safe and understood in the sessions. Nothing happens without your consent. If you feel burdened in your life by difficult memories, recurring anxieties in interpersonal relationships or restrictive behaviours on your part, trauma therapy may be useful and helpful. Bullying, loss, emotional or physical assault are powerful experiences and can have a profound effect on self-esteem. 


Conditions are the same as for individual therapy 

About me

I've been working as a psychologist since 2010 and have worked in a psychiatric hospital as well as with outpatients for many years. One focus of my work is the treatment of people with trauma. Another focus is couple therapy. I grew up in Zurich and now live in Chur. English is not my mother tongue, but I've lived in an English-speaking area and have experience with English-speaking couples as well as individuals.

Psychologist Lucina Fioritto
Contact Me

The easiest way to reach me is by E-Mail:   

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